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    Sell House Fast Cash ...trusted property buyers!Alice Penn, London

    • Fast cash offer
    • We buy any UK properties
    • Sell in as little as 7 days
    • No valuation or legal costs
    • Best price, guaranteed sale!

    Customer comments:

    Best cash offer I received from the top 10 on google, very happy .Suzy Wong

    I wanted a quick sale company that was fair and stuck their promises, Sell House Fast Cash did just that and without any drama.Joanna Constance

    Good house buying people, very impressed, we received two offers from them both pretty much the same.Christopher Lamb

    We got 84% of the middle valuation from the estate agent, less than we wanted but very quick sale!Libby Munrose

    Alan and Nik did a great job in introducing two cash buyers interested in our property. Sold within 4 weeks so better and faster than any agent on the high street!Mohammed Mohammed

    I wondered if the promises were hollow but happily any doubts soon disappeared when we agreed on the sale of our home. Fast and efficient service.Boris Helliwell

    Sell House Fast Cash, the trusted property buyers

    How to sell your house quickly today! We buy any home, anywhere in the UK

    Sell house fast for cash
    Sell house fast cash

    There are many reasons for homeowners to sell houses fast. We’ve put together a few great tips that should help to sell your home in a hurry.

    If you’re thinking ‘how can I sell my house fast today’, then look no further, we buy any house, in any condition, in the UK. Phone us today for a guaranteed cash offer!

    When selling house fast to us, we’ll endeavour to:

    • Pay more than any of our competitors
    • Provide offers generally within 24 hours of contact
    • Buy homes fast and within the seller’s time-frame
    • Guarantee a sale if you accept our offer

    How urgently do you need a fast house sale?

    If you need to cash in on your home’s equity in a hurry, we can help. Whether you need the money this week or within the next few months, we always work to complete house purchases within the given time-frame. Fast house selling is our business!

    We’ll process the entire transaction without any delays. We have developed a fast and efficient house buying process with a proven track record of success, all that is required is a few details (email, phone number, postcode), and a quick survey, to assess your home’s worth.

    We’ll provide you with an accurate, honest, and timely valuation, ensuring any property sale goes through seamlessly, minimising any fees or costs. We always make our best offer for the first time of asking. So you can make plans for the future in complete confidence.

    Give us a call to discuss a fast sale or send your details via our contact form. We’ll give you a competitive valuation quickly — guaranteeing you a purchase agreed within days. Speak with one of our house buying experts directly on 0800 68 99 420. Or drop us a line using our online quotation form.

    And remember: we’re not worried about the condition of your home. We’ll buy it in its current state — so you don’t have to worry about expensive home staging, repairs, and comprehensive renovations.

    Sell House Fast Cash is the best solution for your needs

    There are many reasons why homeowners might need a quick house sale. In most cases, it’s about accessing cash quickly. Here are just a few of the reasons our happy customers have sold their properties to us over the years:

    Financial problems

    Life has a habit of throwing financial problems at us when we least expect it. If you need to release the equity in your home fast to settle bills, we can help. We can buy your home quickly, without stress or hassle. If you need money in a hurry, Sell House Fast Cash is the perfect solution.


    Getting divorced or splitting up from a long-term partner is one of life’s most stressful and heartbreaking events. Don’t worry about money and the division of assets, that’s the last thing you need.

    The sooner you dispose of a shared property, the sooner you both move on to the next chapter in your life. We buy houses fast from people who are separating. We take care of everything, so you have one less thing to worry about at such a difficult time.


    Whether relocating for a job or a new way of life, a quick sale can be a priority. Cut ties with your current location and generate funds for your big move. Rather than wait around for the property market to deliver the sale you need, ask Sell House Fast Cash for a valuation. The sooner you sell your property, the sooner you can move on to pastures new.

    A new lifestyle

    Changing your lifestyle can be for a variety of reasons. And unlocking equity in a property is often a great way of making these changes as quickly as possible.

    Maybe you’re getting older and need a more accessible home. Perhaps you want more money in your pocket to spend on your favourite leisure pursuits. Whatever the reasons for your desired lifestyle changes, using a quick sale company to get an offer makes the transition a lot easier.

    By downsizing, you can make your life easier and more streamlined. And you can free up equity to do the things you love. We can buy your home without the fuss — often in a matter of days. And that means you can make those lifestyle changes without delay.

    Potential repossession

    Falling behind with your mortgage payments and threatened with repossession is a difficult time in anyone’s life. It threatens your home and jeopardises your financial future.

    Stop repossession in its tracks by getting a quick sale of your house. We’ll make a competitive offer and sort out all the paperwork. All you have to do is wait a few days for the cash — and pay any outstanding mortgage payments, to avoid a black mark on your credit rating.

    Property inheritance

    Inheriting property is often a bittersweet event. The passing of loved ones is always distressing, but inheriting a property is something positive for the future.

    But property ownership brings with it responsibilities — many of which you might not have been expecting. And if you want time to grieve, these responsibilities couldn’t come at a worse time.

    The property you inherited might need extensive repairs and renovations before listing on the property market. But if you want to sell up and move on quickly, we can help.

    Rather than having to deal with any hassle, sell your newly inherited property for a fair market price. Your home’s condition is irrelevant. The offer you’ll get will reflect that work that’s needed to get the property up to specification.

    Environmental issues

    Perhaps you live in a known flood plain. Maybe a nearby river is renowned for breaking its banks. The effects of climate change are erratic, but all too often, they result in more examples of extreme weather. If you’re worried about the impact these changes could have on your home in the future, now may be the best opportunity to cash out and sell your home.

    flooded home
    11 February 2014 – One of many local homes flooded when the River Thames, near Windsor, burst its banks, after several weeks of heavy rain.

    We buy homes in every region of the UK — regardless of condition. If any damage is caused to your home by a recent flood or a significant storm, we’ll make an offer that’s fair and reflects the required repairs.

    Major repairs and renovations required

    Living Room after storm
    Living Room after a storm

    Significant maintenance and repairs on homes are rarely cheap. They can run into tens of thousands of pounds. If you don’t have that kind of cash, or you don’t want to deplete your cash reserves, a fast sale company might be the best solution.

    Rather than pay for extensive repairs to your home, leave all the hard work to someone else. Sell any house in its current condition, and use the proceeds to buy a home that’s already in a good state of repair.

    Short-term property lease

    A home with a relatively short contract doesn’t provide the security most homeowners expect. What happens if the leaseholder decides not to renew? Your investment is under threat.

    If you want to sell a house with a short lease, you will experience problems in the open market. Instead, sell your home quickly to us. By doing so, you’ll get a fair price and leave the question of a short lease to someone else.

    It doesn’t matter why you need a quick house sale. Sell a house faster, in a matter of days and at absolutely no cost to you.


    Is selling my house fast ‘easy’ using your service?

    The process of selling quickly involves three key stages:

    1. A simple online application
    2. Agree on a price
    3. Agree on a moving date

    Why should I sell this house quickly to you?

    We make the selling a house fast process quick, hassle-free and straightforward.

    • Applying is easy
    • We obtain several quotes from cash buyers to ensure you get the best possible price
    • We provide various selling options based on your needs and how quickly you need to raise funds.

    What advantages are associated with selling a home using your Company?

    We receive around 1,000 house selling enquiries every year. And since 2011, we’ve assisted more than 20,000 sellers. As part of one of the largest quick house sale organisations in the UK, we’re perfectly placed to help you sell a property quickly.

    Selling to us involves a range of benefits:

    • A free online valuation — get it instantly
    • A formal assessment calculated by an experienced property professional
    • A quick house sale without fuss or stress
    • A rapid house buying decision — so you can make plans for the future

    Selling to us involves three simple steps:

    1. Fill in the online quotation request or call us free on 08006899420. You should receive your free, no-obligation cash offer within 24 hours
    2. Agree on the price, and relax in the knowledge we’re taking care of all the paperwork and legal processes
    3. Set your moving date and start preparing for the big day

    More FAQs

    Why should I use your company instead of a local estate agent?

    There are two excellent reasons why a sale to our company is preferential to using a traditional estate agent:

    Avoid the property chain

    Even the best estate agents can’t give you any guarantees when it comes to property chains. Events beyond an agent’s control could delay or completely scupper your sale. If someone above you in the chain pulls out or fails to raise finance, this may postpone your house sale. And in these circumstances there’s very little you can do.

    No property viewings

    A good estate agent will manage the property viewing process from start to finish. But you’ll be required to keep your home clean, tidy and ready for visitors at all times. You’ll also need to provide access to your home at unsociable times of the day. Sell to us and avoid property viewings altogether.

    Don’t forget about Agent fees, which can run into a substantial amount.

    Our partner companies are property buyers. NAPB registered companies (national association of property buyers), who follow a code of conduct to ensure fair treatment. Often they’ll cover all the legal fees.

    How do you calculate the value of a home and the price you offer?

    Our highly experienced property experts use a range of property valuation resources to identify a property’s market value. We use online and offline tools, as well as recent property sales data, as part of our tried-and-tested processes allowing us to offer a competitive price far quicker than most estate agents.

    My home requires significant repairs. Will that is a problem?

    Often customers ask us can I sell my house ‘as is’, fast? We buy houses in any condition. If your property needs extensive repair work, we’ll ask a qualified structural surveyor to assess it and provide an estimate. The offer we make will consider this estimate, but there is no need for you to do any improvements or repairs.

    Even if you don’t think a potential buyer will get a mortgage for your home, we still might be able to help.

    What happens after I accept your offer?

    Once you’ve accepted our offer, we’ll instruct our legal team to get the purchase underway. We’ll do the vast majority of the work, so all you need to do is sit tight and wait.

    A solicitor or conveyancer will contact you to ask a few general questions about the property. But if there aren’t any significant issues, you might be asked to sign contracts within days. Once we’ve exchanged contracts with you, the sale is guaranteed.

    Will I need to pay solicitor fees or costs?

    As home buyers, there is usually no charge to sell your home. We cover all the standard costs involved in selling a home in the UK. And the amount we agree on for the purchase of your home is what you’ll receive when contracts exchanged. Some companies may not cover all legal fees or solicitor fees, so check with your buyer.

    Do you buy commercial properties too?

    We specialise in the speedy purchase of terraced, semi-detached and detached homes in the UK. However, from time to time, we can buy shops, offices and other commercial properties. And if we can’t, there’s a good chance, one of our trusted partner companies can.

    What if I have mortgage arrears?

    We specialise in helping people escape from mortgage arrears. We can buy your home in days, allowing you to pay off your mortgage and escape the spectre of repossession.

    How quickly will I receive the sale proceeds from your company?

    There are occasions when we can complete the purchase of a home within seven days. However, the average timeframe is around four weeks — from making the initial offer to transferring the money into your account.

    What documents do I need to find to sell my house quickly?

    By selling your home using our company, you don’t need to worry about marketing or the rules set out by the Property Ombudsman. We don’t need anywhere near the paperwork required by estate agents, ensuring a faster, smoother sales process.

    Should I hire my solicitor to deal with the paperwork?

    Once you accept our offer, we take care of everything — including providing you with details of a trusted solicitor. But if you want to hire your own, that’s fine.

    Can I change my mind after accepting your offer?

    If you change your mind or there’s a change in circumstances, you can usually pull out of the house sale without any financial penalties. You can’t, however, pull out after you’ve signed and exchanged contracts.

    Will my details be kept private?

    If you decide to sell your home, you might be concerned about the details of your enquiry leaking to others. We are committed to the highest standards of confidentiality throughout the entire house buying process.

    Tips for selling your house quickly

    Do you need to sell your house in a hurry to raise funds? Struggling to find a buyer on the open property market? We have your back. Here are our top sell quick tips. Reviews of this strategy are numerous in many forums.

    Create a kerb appeal

    A lot of house buyer companies make a buying decision the moment they arrive outside your home. Therefore the first impressions you create for prospective purchasers are crucial. Ideally, you want people to fall in love with your home while they’re standing in the street. T, There are a few ways to achieve this goal:

    • Tidy the garden
    • Mow the lawn and plant some attractive plants
    • Hide rubbish bins and storage containers
    • Create some privacy
    • Attend to repairs on windows, doors and fascias
    • Add a lick of paint where it’s needed
    • Make sure your home lights up during the evenings

    Stage your home for property viewings

    While it’s good to show potential purchasers what your home is capable of, it’s also essential to make it presentable and attractive. Home staging involves making your house appeal to the broadest possible selection of buyers. And while it’s not rocket science, it often consists of a lot of prep work and organisation.

    • Clean, tidy and de-clutter your home
    • Make the beds
    • Find a home for everything
    • Keep storage spaces neat and tidy (buyers love to check storage options)
    • Set the dinner table
    • Embrace natural light wherever possible
    • Light up dark areas with artificial lighting
    • Introduce some pleasant, homely aromas (baked products and essential oils are perfect for the job)
    • Manage the temperature in your home (aim for around 18C to 20C)
    • Add some seasonal flowers in the right places
    • Ensure all rooms are serving their primary purpose (don’t use bedrooms for storage)
    • Remove unnecessary furniture and place it in storage
    • Encourage everyone living in your home to act naturally (buyers love to see family at home in action)

    Neutralise the decor

    Attract as many potential buyers as possible by creating a blank canvas. Only then will prospective buyers be able to imagine themselves living in your home.

    Try to leave your tastes at the front door. Go for subtle shades such as white and magnolia. Keep brighter, more vivid colours to a minimum. And replace any niche items of furniture with generic options. It’s a good idea to keep personal possessions to a minimum. The odd family photo is excellent, but don’t overdo things.

    Think to yourself: would I be happy to buy this home and move into it in its current condition. And consider the following points:

    • Is the wallpaper in a good state of repair?
    • Does the woodwork (door frames, skirting etc.), need repainting?
    • Is a quick lick of paint enough, or do significant cosmetic problems require complete renovation?
    • Does my furniture look clean and presentable?
    • Are my carpets clean and in a good state of repair? Is a deep clean necessary, or should I consider replacing my tired and worn flooring?

    Make home improvements that add value and generate interest

    A lot of people want to buy a home and move straight in; they don’t have the time or money to do repairs and improvements. By making these improvements yourself before you list your house for sale, you can widen the interest in your property — and potentially increase the final sale price you achieve, whether through your agent or quick sale company.

    Home improvement priorities for a fast house sale include:

    • New worktops, cupboard doors and flooring in the kitchen
    • New wall and floor coverings in the bathroom
    • Installation of a new bathtub and shower
    • New double-glazed windows
    • Replacement of broken paving
    • Repair or replacement of broken fencing
    • Repair or replacement of broken or faulty interior doors

    Market your home for a quick sale

    Even the best and most competitively priced homes can struggle to find a buyer if the marketing isn’t up to scratch which is why, if you want a traditional house sale, it’s useful to enlist the services of an experienced local estate agent.

    Agents have a range of marketing contacts, as well as specialised knowledge of the local market. They use various online and offline marketing channels to ensure your home reaches the broadest possible audience.

    Of course, nothing is stopping you from marketing your house yourself. But you have to be sure that the photos you send, together with property description for listing, are all of the highest possible quality. But if it’s a quick sale company you need, we’ll show you how. Sell your house today, not in 6 months!

    Other tips for marketing a house for sale include:

    • Sell your home through multiple agencies to achieve maximum exposure.
    • Use free or low-cost advertising opportunities online (forums, chat rooms etc.)
    • Use online advertising portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla.
    • Utilise social media to engage with local purchasers.
    • Erect a high-quality ‘for sale’ sign in front of your home.
    • Create an accurate, detailed floor plan.
    • Consider the sale of your house at auction.
    • Make your home stand out and accentuate the positives at all times.

    But even if you were to implement all the tips listed here, there still would be no guarantee of securing a quick home sale. We are the property buying company, premier house buyers. UK based, we provide a free and instant property valuation online. Accept our offer, and you could sell a house fast and have the proceeds in your bank within a few days. Some of our partners are members of the National Association of Property Buyers, which should give you more confidence in knowing you are dealing with a reputable company, check our we buy any house reviews.

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