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Sell House Fast Cash

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We buy any house NOW!

Sell House Fast Cash’ promise ‘we buy any house, anywhere in the UK’, sell your home quickly today!

Sell House Fast Cash offer:-

  • A quick sale of your home,
  • Best price paid in the shortest timescale,
  • A guaranteed service, no fees and no fuss.
Sell house fast for cash
Sell house fast for cash

Get an instant cash offer for your home today, we buy houses for cash!

How quickly do you want to sell your property?

  1. Now
  2. One month
  3. Two months
  4. Three months

We have a solution whatever your selling timescale. The longer you can wait for your money the more you’ll usually receive!

Sell your property fast with the minimum of delay through the premier property buyer ‘Sell House Fast Cash’.

Call us now for a quick house valuation, and a guaranteed sale agreed in days!

It’s simple, find out how to get a quick sale on your house, call our team on 0800 68 99 420 or complete the online enquiry form.

Don’t bother with estate agents calling or showing strangers around your home, decorate, or tidy up; we’ll buy your home quickly as it is.

Why ‘Sell House Fast Cash’ is the solution for you:

If you’re in one or more of the following situations then we can help:

Relocation or Emigrating

Are you relocating or emigrating? Maybe you have a new job or are retiring to pastures new. Whatever the reason, you can sell your property fast with our help! We buy houses in the UK fast; therefore you can skip the dreaded and stressful property chain!

In financial difficulty

Need to pay bills and release valuable equity in your property? If so, your priority is a quick stress-free sale without the fuss.  ‘Sell House Fast Cash’ is the best property buying company solution for you.

Facing the repossession of your home

Are you facing the repossession of your home? We offer a quick house sale today to allow you to release the equity in your home, rather than losing it. The sooner you contact us then, the faster we can put a stop to any repossession

Divorce or Separation

Divorcing or separating can be an emotional and heartbreaking time. The last thing you need to worry about is the marital home. The best solution could be a quick house sale at a price you’re happy.  We’ll buy your property fast, so you’ve less to think about at this stressful time.

Inherited a property

Have you a property inheritance? Inheriting a property can be a nightmare, especially if from a deceased estate and the property proceeds are to be divided between many relatives. Squabbling and falling out may occur, even between close family members.

Other problems may surface as some inherited properties can be a money-pit as they are often old and dilapidated, or need upgrading. Costs can quickly escalate even to get up to a standard for selling. Don’t worry; we have the perfect solution. Don’t bother with expensive or even minor repairs. We’ll but your home just as it is!

Lifestyle changes

Are you getting older or perhaps more infirm and need to make changes to your lifestyle?

Your health often deteriorates with age and the family home may become completely unsuitable. What is a two-storey house may need to be a bungalow if stairs or mobility become a problem?

Lifestyle changes may include children or relatives moving out of your home and, all of a sudden, it’s too big, and with retirement looming, running costs need considering carefully,

Sell House Fast Cash can purchase your property enabling you to scale down to a smaller and cheaper home more suitable to any lifestyle changes needed

Environmental factors

Do you live in a property affected by changes in the environment?

If there was ever a good reason for selling up and moving, then living near a river or flood plain which caused damage to your property is it!

flooded home
Windsor, UK – 11 February 2014: One of many local homes flooded when the River Thames near Windsor, UK burst its banks after weeks of heavy rain.

‘Sell House Fast Cash’ buy homes anywhere and in any condition in the UK. Even if your property is damaged by water due to flooding, we’ll buy it quickly, and at a price, you’ll find attractive. We buy any house up to 100% of the market value.

Needing repair or refurbishment

Living Room after storm
Living Room after a storm

Does your home need substantial repairs or refurbishment? Is the cost of repairs too much? Maybe your property has subsidence or something even more serious!

We can help with a quick sale of your property. Forget expensive property repairs and get a cash offer today from us!

Property Lease

Are you living on a property with a short lease?

Short lease homes can be a problem especially if you’re looking for security in the knowledge that there’s a roof over your head! Sometimes property leases cannot extend beyond their agreed term and options are limited. Properties with shorter leases are often more difficult to sell on the open market; therefore a second option could be to sell to us.

Whatever your reason for selling Sell House Fast Cash will purchase your home on an instant and at no cost to you


How easy is it to sell my home using your service?

Selling your home with us is as easy as one, two, three!

  1. Apply instantly online
  2. Agree on the price
  3. Set a moving date

Why should I choose Sell House Fast Cash?

  1. Simple application process
  2. We’ll obtain quotes from several cash house buyers
  3. We have several different selling options dependant on your needs and how fast you need to sell your home.

What are the pros of selling my property to ‘Sell House Fast Cash’?

We are part of one of the largest organisations dealing in quick house sales in the UK, with over a thousand enquiries a year and over twenty thousand motivated sellers since 2011.

Sell House Fast Cash, and their partners can provide:

  • Free instant online valuation
  • Formal professional valuation
  • No nonsense hassle free sale
  • Fast decision to buy your home

We ensure that the whole process is easy, simple and hassle free

Follow our three step process for selling your property quickly:

  1. Complete our online quote form or call 0800 68 99 420 to receive a free cash offer within 24 hours!
  2. Agree the price offered and we’ll take care of the rest, including any legal fees and instructing Solicitors
  3. Set a moving date and get packing!

More FAQs

Why use Sell House Fast Cash instead of an estate agent?

  1. Traditional and online estate agents cannot get away from the dreaded property chain process where delays can run into months or years even after you’ve found a buyer! We avoid property chains altogether by providing a quick purchase sale solution. You avoid hanging around for an eternity risking both buyers and sellers in the chain causing it to collapse at any time.
  2. Estate agents will require your home to look it’s best all the times in case a viewing suddenly crops up. In practical terms, you’ll need to spruce up and declutter your home and pack the pets and kids away during property viewings. We don’t mind how your home looks or if the garden is overgrown or walls need a lick of paint! Just agree on a moving date and when you’ve moved out our team will deal with everything else.

How are the value of my home and the price you offer, calculated?

Our experienced team of experts will assess your home’s value through various online property valuation tools and local property professionals if needed. We can then offer a competitive price much faster than most estate agents.

What if my home has substantial repairs needed including structural problems?

If your property appears to be unsound and in need of substantive repairs, then we’ll ask a structural surveyor to examine it and provide estimates for repair. We then include the cost of repair in any offer we make. Some properties which are not structurally sound and not mortgageable may still be safe enough to rent out. Therefore a purchase is still possible.

Once I agree to sell my home to you, what are the next steps?

We will instruct solicitors who will take care of the majority of the legal transfer of the property. To successfully transfer the house to us, we will carry out the majority of the work. The Solicitor will ask you a few basic questions about the property, and you need to prepare to sign contracts quicker than you may think. Once contracts exchanged, the sale is guaranteed.

Are there any fees, charges or costs to pay?

There should be no costs, charges or fees to pay. We usually cover all expenses in the house buying process including legal fees! There’ll be no sudden deductions, as what we agree is what you’ll receive into your bank account.

Do you buy other properties too or just houses?

We usually buy a terrace,-semi-detached and detached houses including apartments and flats. However, we can buy shops, apartments, offices, commercial buildings, in fact, anything! If we don’t buy your property, then there’s every likelihood that one of our partner companies will.

We buy any property nationwide and whatever the age or condition, even if substantial repairs or improvements are needed.

What if I have mortgage arrears or am going through a divorce?

Our objective is to give you a quick house sale solution where you achieve what you need for your property promptly. We help stop the repossession of your home by providing the mortgage company with details of the offer we make and our ability to follow it through to a satisfactory conclusion. The same applies if separating or going through a divorce. We aim to provide a fast sale of your home so that you can divide the proceeds of the marital home promptly.

How fast will I receive monies into my account from selling quickly to you?

Sell House Fast Cash and its partners can often complete a sale within seven days, but usually, the process takes up to four weeks for you to receive the monies into your account. As soon as you complete our enquiry form, our team will move as quickly as you want, organising the valuation and making you a formal offer!

What documents are needed from me when selling my home fast to you?

Estate agents have to follow specific rules and procedures when selling houses, as required by the Property Ombudsman. These rules are everything from money laundering to how your property advertised, i.e.,  the description. The estate agent will be back and forth with your solicitor and then your buyer’s solicitor when a sale is agreed. Inevitably delays will occur. Sell House Fast Cash do not need ‘property particulars’, and there is no requirement for your home to be marketed in any way. The only consideration is for you to answer any queries about the property quickly so we can meet your selling timescale expectations.

What about a Solicitor, do I need one?

Sell House Fast Cash and our partners only use trusted efficient Solicitors who get the job done without any drama and do not cause any unnecessary delays. If you have a preference to use a Solicitor other than one we recommend, then this is perfectly acceptable to us, as long as the Solicitor deals with all the paperwork quickly and proactively.

What if I change my mind or my circumstances have changed?

There’ll come the point where you’ve signed the contract to sell your home, and you’ll be legally obliged to sell at a price agreed. However, if you change your mind before this happens, then you can usually withdraw from the sale without any financial penalty. The same applies if your circumstances change and you can again pull out without any costs.

I don’t want my neighbours, family or friends finding out I’m selling to you; will my details be kept private and confidential?

If you have contacted us directly and not through any other agent, then naturally we’ll keep your enquiry and details confidential as per our terms and conditions and privacy policy. We assure you that everything is confidential throughout the entire process including all valuations and surveys as well as all contact and correspondence with the Solicitors. Try us now, we are one of the best quick house sale companies in the UK!

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