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Quick House Sale London

If you’re looking to sell your house quickly in London we can help you. We understand the market in London, pay the highest prices and can complete a sale very quickly or to your own timetable.

Our experienced quick house sale London team will start helping you through the procedure of selling your house fast in London right away after you contact us. We provide a no obligation and free valuation service and you can get an offer in a matter of minutes.

Post Brexit London House Prices

As average house prices climbed above the 2007 peak values for the first time recently and demand is still outstripping supply, it’s a good time to sell your house and get a great price.

However, post Brexit property asking prices are starting to drop as buyers demand better deals. UK investment bank and stockbroker finnCap predicts a 10-20% fall in London house prices by next year.

Even though the Brexit vote has unnerved many house buyers and sellers, it’s likely there will be a period of uncertainty in the market. Demand for properties in London continues to be high so a house price recovery is likely before too long even if prices drop in the short term.

House Prices Fall In London

The Estate Agent Route

Selling your house can be frustrating and dispiriting, with your home stuck on the market for months on end sometimes. Often it can be small and seemingly insignificant factors that stop the house getting viewings or stop viewers going forward to make an offer.

A good start can be to have a good hard look at your home through other people’s eyes and then make the changes necessary to make it more attractive to buyers. Your local estate agent should be able to give you an idea of the maximum price that a house in your area could fetch. And what your house is likely to fetch in its present state, with hints on what you could do to achieve the best price.

London properties are on the market for an average of 41 days. Exchange of contacts for sale of the property can take 90 days and then another 28 days is often needed before completion occurs. So the average time it takes to get your house sold by using an estate agent can be around 160 days.

Then you need to consider that about one-third of sales fall through before contracts get to be exchanged, costing buyers and sellers a lot of money and grief. With us once you get your offer, the offer and the offer price are guaranteed, so you know we will go through with the deal.

Quick House Sale London Scams

Be aware when you are focussing on a quick sale that there are some “fast house sell scams” operating in the London market. Extravagant promises and pressure to push the process through should alert you to a possibly disreputable firm that won’t act in your interest.

Quick House Sale Scam Alert

Some firms will complete most of the process and then suddenly drop their price at the last moment, hoping you’ll be so invested in the process that you will feel you have no option.

The Sell Property Fast Cash Route

We will never pressure you to complete a sale at a pace you don’t feel comfortable with and our price offer is a firm one that we won’t change at the last moment.

Sell Property Fast Cash buys properties quickly for cash. There are a number of advantages in getting a speedy and certain property sale through us. There are a lot of extra costs in taking the normal estate agent route: estate agent fees; legal fees; decorating costs; mortgage payments and council tax while you are waiting; time off work.

We Buy Any House

With a quick house sale you can avoid all these expenses and the uncertainty of whether or not your sale will fall through at the last moment. You get the benefits of a quick sale and a cash boost to your bank balance.

Call our quick house sale London team on 0800 68 99 420 or email us for your no obligation purchase offer today.

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