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Quick House Sale

Need a quick house sale? We have the answers!

Quick house sale

The best quick house sale companies are those that offer more than just one cash offer to purchase your home, Sell House Fast Cash is one of these firms. We arrange multiple quick property sale quotations every day of the week! Complete the free online quote form and get a quick home sale today!

How quick can a house sale go through?

A quick house sale on the open property market takes around two months. But the average is nearer three. If that doesn’t sound anywhere near fast enough, you’re not alone. Quick house sale buyers specialise in processing property transactions without fuss — and sometimes within just seven working days. But there are so many to choose from these days. And they all offer different terms and benefits.

Thousands of people need a fast property sale in the UK right now. Why? Well, there are many different reasons. For some, it’s a matter of debt management. For others, it’s about freeing up funds for an immediate change of lifestyle or circumstances.

How can you be sure that the quick house sale company you choose can be trusted?

To help you make the right choice, we’ve put together some information, quick house sale tips and advice. If you need to sell a house fast in the UK, you’ve come to the right place. 

Cash buyers are waiting to buy your home

Quick house sale firms either buy homes directly or act as representatives for cash buyers around the world. These individuals and organisations have the money needed to complete house purchases meaning there’s no upward chain and no need for finance.

If you sell to a quick house sale company, you can bypass marketing, price negotiations and a lot of the communication that’s part and parcel of traditional home purchases. So, if you need cash in a hurry, you have somewhere to turn.

You have to ask yourself: what’s my house selling priority. Do I need cash fast? Or do I need to achieve the maximum possible sale price? If speed is your number one priority, a fast house buyer maybe your best option.

Why are so many people selling to quick house sale firms?

There has been a significant increase in the number of owners selling to these house-buying companies in recent years. That’s because speed and convenience are usually guaranteed. There are, in fact, lots of different advantages — and here are some of the most impressive.

  • Halt the repossession of a home (and the adverse effects on your credit file)
  • Pay off personal debts and liabilities for peace of mind
  • Downsize a home to free up cash in a hurry
  • Avoid the stress and uncertainty of the UK property market
  • Dispose of property you inherited without warning
  • Divide assets quickly and somewhat following the breakdown of a relationship
  • Relocate in a hurry for new employment
  • Start your retirement early with a quick cash lump sum

In some cases, people want to sell up without having to deal with estate agents, solicitors, buyers, surveyors and everyone else who are usually involved in a house sale.

Are there any drawbacks to selling a house in this way?

As beneficial as selling to a quick house sale company can be, it’s not for everyone. If your priority is anything but speed, you should sell your property more traditionally. But even if speed is of the essence, there are a few disadvantages you need to know.

  • Some buyers may drop their offer at the last minute — leaving you with very few(if any) options
  • Some companies include hidden charges for this service (but not all)
  • You might be asked to sign an initial agreement that ties you into selling your property to that company
  • Rogue house buying companies provide inflated initial valuations in a bid to get owners to commit

Bear in mind that not all house buying companies operate in an evil way. There are some highly respectable quick house sale companies in the UK today. You need to know how to find them.

I don’t trust ‘quick house sale’ companies. Am I protected from fraud?

The UK’s fast house sale sector is not tightly regulated allowing disreputable companies to push the boundaries of existing law to maximise returns. You need to know the company you’re dealing with has credentials with a professional body and a proven track record of excellent customer service.

The easiest thing you can do — before you agree to sell your home — is to check that the company is listed at Companies House or is a member of the National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB). If the house buyer isn’t listed, they may well have something to hide.

As part of the NAPB, a member organisation must abide by the rules and regulations as set out by The Property Ombudsman. If it doesn’t, it might be fined or taken to court. And if you’re not happy with the service you receive, you have a clear pathway to redress.

Tip: Check with the NAPB that the quick house sale company is listed. Don’t take the presence of an NAPB logo as a definite sign of membership.

Why choose a quick house sale company over a more traditional house selling route?

If you have time on your side, it’s usually best to sell a house that’s in a good state of repair on the open market. Only if you need to sell your property fast should you consider selling to a property buying organisation.

Depending on your circumstances, a quick house sale company might be a better selling avenue than either the open market or a property auction.

People sell to national home buyers for many reasons, but here are a few of the most common:

  • Stop a repossession before it ruins a person’s credit rating
  • Early retirement
  • Clear debts and free up cash every month
  • Sell an inherited property
  • A speedy, smooth division of assets after a relationship breaks down
  • Children need a helping hand on the property ladder
  • Relocation for a new job at short notice

Every case is different, and this list certainly isn’t exhaustive. But they all have one thing in common — the need for speed. While you may not have the cash in the bank for your next financial move, you may well have it tied up in property equity. Selling to a house buying company is a way to access this cash quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

Remember: a lot of homeowners receive the proceeds of their quick house sale within seven to 10 days. The average timescale is nearer a month, however. But selling in the traditional way takes several months. If you can’t afford to wait that long, shorten the process by selling directly to a national home buyer.

Think about the alternatives to selling a house fast

If you have everything you need in terms of documentation, survey results and legal assistance, you might be able to sell on the open market in just two months, probably the best-case scenario. If you are using this method, then consider how to stage your house for a quick sale.

There are, in fact, several alternatives to a quick house sale firm — and not all of them involve selling. It’s essential that you have considered all your options before you decide to sell.

Hire a local estate agent

Who better to sell a house fast than someone who knows the local property market inside out? A good agent always has a list of willing buyers at hand. An agent knows what sells, and what doesn’t. Using knowledge of the local market and years of experience, they’ll accentuate the positive wherever possible. And they’ll utilise a comprehensive network of contacts and marketing channels to maximise your home’s exposure.

But even with a great estate agent managing the sale of your home, there are never any guarantees of a quick house sale. And you’ll still have a certain amount of work to do. You’ll need to help with the creation of a property listing. And you’ll need to be there to answer questions and show people around your home.

If speed is of the essence, an agent might suggest that you advertise your house at the lower reaches of the local price range. Even if you take a 5% hit on the final sale price, that’s a lot better than the 30 or 40% run you might receive by selling to an unscrupulous fast house sale company.

Renegotiate with your lender

You may not have to sell your home at all. If you’re selling against your will, there may be alternatives. Take repossession proceedings, for example. A lot of people sell up fast to protect their credit rating. After all, a repossession on your record and stop you from getting credit for many years.

But it’s worth remembering that most banks, building societies and finance companies don’t want to repossess the property. It’s an expensive business that often ends up with huge unrecoverable costs.

Be proactive and reach out to your lender about your financial situation. Work out the maximum you can pay each month towards your repayments and arrears, and work from there. You lender may give you the option of a payment holiday. The bank may also offer to refinance your home loan to spread it over a more extended period.

Avoid a property chain

Selling a home to a quick house sale company is a good way of avoiding the dreaded property chain. But it’s not the only way. For example, if you’re prepared to buy a new-build property, you might be able to part-exchange your existing home. You may receive less than the full market value, but you won’t have to worry about a collapsed chain scuppering chances of a speedy sale.

Sell at auction

There are several scenarios in which it makes sense to sell a house fast by auction. For example, you might struggle to attract buyers on the open market if your home requires major repairs and renovations.

But an auction involves marketing, and that takes up time you may not have. You’ll also need to make your property available for viewings. Even if your reserve price is met and exceeded quickly, the buyer has 28 days to complete after paying an initial deposit. This means that, in the best-case scenario, selling a home at auction will take at least two months.

Fund your retirement plans in a different way

If your need for a quick house sale is related to imminent retirement plans, there are other options to consider. For example, rather than moving out of your home, you might be able to unlock a portion of your equity. You’d get to stay in your home, and you wouldn’t have any repayments to worry. But the loan company would claim the money, along with interest, from your estate after your passing.

You might also want to consider a ‘rent-back’ scheme, i.e. when you sell your home but immediately rent it back on a long-term deal from the buyer. Just remember that this is a regulated area of the property market. Quick house sale firms need a licence to offer such services.

Shop around and compare fast house sale deals

There are now dozens of quick house sale companies in the UK. The worst thing you can do is accept the first offer you receive. While the proposal might meet your expectations, how do you know that something even better isn’t out there?

You should compare at least three house buying services. So only choose companies that offer a free, no-obligation valuation. If you tie yourself into a selling agreement right away, you won’t be able to compare all the various offers and benefits.

Don’t just consider the offer, as other issues may affect your selling experience. For example, hidden fees might make a seemingly good offer far less attractive in the long run.

Get your property valued before searching

The very first thing you should do after deciding to sell your property is to get a rough valuation. You can do this relatively quickly yourself. Use resources such as Zoopla, Rightmove and The Land registry to check recent, like-for-like house sales in your area to give you a rough idea of your property’s market value.

If you’re still considering all your options, ask two or three local estate agents to provide you with a valuation. They’ll use historical and current data along with their own experience of the market to value your home. Of course, use this as a guide, rather than a definitive final selling price.

If you know the rough range of house prices your home falls into, you’ll know when a quick house sale company is trying to exploit your situation. Having this information at hand also puts you in a stronger negotiating position if you decide to haggle on price.

Do your homework

Ideally, you should know everything there is to know about a quick house sale company before you approach them for a valuation. Get online and look for quick house sale reviews and testimonials. Reach out to your fellow consumers in chat rooms and on forums. Ask them about their own experiences with these companies.

Also, check that the company is a fully-fledged member of the National Association of Property Buyers. Membership means that the company is also signed up to The Property Ombudsman’s codes of conduct.

Keep detailed records

A lot of your dealings with quick house sale companies might take place on the phone. Keep accurate records of all communications. Log the time, date and content of each phone call you have. Retain letters and emails, too. If you ever need to refute a claim or complain about the service you’ve received, this information could be invaluable.

Don’t be afraid to push back

The fact that you’re trying to sell a house fast might make companies think they can walk all over you. The less reputable firms out there will use your desperation for a speedy sale to their advantage. Don’t let them. If you have concerns about their conduct, raise them at the earliest opportunity. Always keep the threat of turning to another house buyer on the table. It is crucial not to sign up to a restrictive agreement at the beginning of the process.

When you first receive an offer for your home, your first emotion might be a relief. And this is when you’re most likely to accept a low price. Take a while to consider the offer with your price expectations and the current market conditions. If you’re not happy with the price, ask for more.

Some less reputable firms start with an unusually low offer in the hope that you accept out of sheer desperation. They leave themselves wiggle room for negotiations, which is one of the reasons why it’s always best to get at least two or three valuations.

Prepare a list of questions for your preferred quick house buyer

To help you make the right decision, we’ve put together a few key questions you should ask every house buyer you approach:

  • What’s your honest assessment of the likely timescale involved?
  • Who will be valuing my property? Can I see a copy of the report?
  • Does your service involve upfront fees?
  • Do you envisage any delays to the house sale process?
  • Will your offer be changed at the last minute?
  • If a third party if buying my home, do they have proof of funds?
  • Are you a member of the National Association of Property Buyers?
  • Do you abide by The Property Ombudsman’s codes of conduct?
  • How much paperwork is involved?
  • Am I allowed to look elsewhere for alternative valuations?
  • What happens if I change my mind before the sale completes?

Good advice is to research the quick house sale company and your local property market. When you’re ready to start listening to offers, give one of our property experts a call. We buy houses at competitive prices. We never charge upfront fees, and we never change an offer at the last minute.

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